Premium Kit - Duoetto MK2 Water Heater + SEAFLO 42 Series

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 If you're looking to add a hot shower to your van, this Duoetto MK2 Digital Dual Voltage Water Heater + SEAFLO 42 Series 12v Pressure Pump is the perfect addition. It's easy to install and operate and can be connected to either 12v or 240v, so you can enjoy hot water wherever you are on the road.

With a 10L capacity and variable temperatures to select from, you'll have enough warm water to shower, wash, cook and clean in your van. Sold in combination with the 12v pressure pump, you can have your own hot water set up added to your van in no time.

  • Duoetto MK2 Digital 10L Water Heater
  • SEAFLO 42 Series Pressure Pump 12V (11.3L 55PSI)