Extra Large Skylight - Van Roof Vent Hatch 700 x 500mm

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Allow extra natural light and fresh air into your van with this extra large skylight and van roof vent hatch. With a 700 x 500 cut out size, you'll be able to open your van roof to let in more sunlight and fresh air at any time of the day.

Featuring fly screen and block out blind options, you can leave the vent and hatch open during the day or night without worrying about mosquitoes or the morning sun waking you up. 

Easily installed to suit roof thicknesses between 25 and 60 mm, this extra large van roof vent is the perfect addition to your van design.

  • Easy operation with gas lift spring
  • Double glazed dome top
  • Fitted with LED lights & switch for night
  • Has a maximum opening to an angle of 70 Degrees, with 2 opening positions
  • Interior frame with block out blind and fly Screen

  • Cut Out Size - 700 x 500 mm - 70 degree radius corners
  • Overall Size - 774 x 574 mm
  • Roof Thickness - 25 - 60 mm
  • Weight - 8 KG

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