Outdoor Camp Shower for Van

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If you want to be able to enjoy a wash or shower at the end of the day, this outdoor camp shower for your van is perfect. The Aus J EZY RV Exterior Shower Outlet works with other water heater and plumping accessories to provide a convenient way to have a shower while on the road.

Easily secured with suction clamps to the side of your van, you can shower at any campsite you find yourself in with an adjustable water temperature knob and lock-off trigger to provide a continuous water flow.

  • Simple and secure suction clamps to attach the shower head to the side of your van
  • 2m shower hose
  • Lock-off trigger, which allows the user to lock the shower setting in place so there's no need to hold it while showering
  • Adjustable knob to control temperature
  • Large shower head for more water coverage
  • Durable netted bag for storage when not in use

  • Keep the lid closed when not in use. This keeps the internal valve seal free from dirt and grime
  • Clean the external shower point regularly, ensuring that the rubber seal is in place in the lid
  • Keep the mixer dial clean and free of damage to avoid water leaks when in use
  • Regularly check the hose for any damage or wear, and replace if worn or damaged

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