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About Us

About Us



Life on the road is about adventure. Whether you choose a van, bus, truck or some other chariot as your home on wheels, there’s always something new to see. For us, life on the road in a bus means to Life lightly, travel far and experience everything!

Our Journey

Our bus journey began in 2016 when we converted it with the help of amazing friends. For four years, we lived full time in our bus, embracing the freedom and excitement it brought us. Along the way, we welcomed two bus life babies, adding even more joy to our journey.

 In 2018, we started Nomads Around Australia, a YouTube series where we interview vanlifers, sharing their experiences and giving van tours.

In 2021, we launched Vanketo to provide van and bus lifers with high quality products to enhance their road life. We handcraftt premium magnetic window covers and curtains right here in Australia, alongside our range of high-quality fly screens. 

Being able to pack up and take your home with you is one of the perks of van life. Whenever you feel a bit stale or needing adventure, it’s just too easy!

Enjoy the journey…