About Us



Life on the road is about adventure. Whether you choose a van, bus, truck or some other chariot as your home on wheels, there’s always something new to see. For us, life on the road in a bus means to Life lightly, travel far and experience everything!

Our Journey

We bought our bus in 2016. After converting it with the help of some wonderful friends, we started living bus life full time in 2017.

Fast forward a few years and we still love the adventure (although we’ve slowed down a bit over the past while to welcome a couple of bus life baby’s!!!)

Being able to pack up and take your home with you is one of the perks of van life. Whenever you feel a bit stale or needing adventure, it’s just too easy!

We created Vanketo as a resource for van and bus lifers to find useful and good quality products to help us live on the road as comfortable as possible.

Enjoy the journey…

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